Creekside Cafe: Nice Location, Lousy Service

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With the summer months in full swing, it's been getting harder and harder to get the whole crew together for Saturday morning breakfast.  One week Jay may be out in Chicago visiting all my favorite restaurants without me, another week I might be on an impromptu road trip to Indiana, and another week Cameron's wife may have up and had a baby -- typical summer activities.  Several weeks back when Cam was out of town, Jay and I decided to meet up at the Cafe Creekside restaurant in Gahanna.  I don't get over to Gahanna very often, but Jay's been a good sport about driving down my direction for breakfast so often, I was more than due for a bit of a drive myself.

Cafe Creekside is located, surprisingly enough, in the Creekside district of the Columbus suburb of Gahanna.  This area was redeveloped several years back and looks great; I'm not terribly familiar with the Gahanna night scene, but it looks like an area that should be hopping on a Saturday evening.   Cafe Creekside is located, as you might expect, directly on the banks of the creek and is the ideal setup for a restaurant in the summer with it's large outdoor dining space with plenty of shade.  At first look, I had high hopes for the place.

Jay and I showed up around 9:30 and were greeted warmly by a sign that said "please seat yourself."  Although only half of the tables were taken, all but one of the available tables were still dirty with the dishes of their previous diners.  Completley understandable for a Saturday morning, so I wasn't all that concerned about it.  Jay and I sat down at the lone clean table and spent the next twenty minutes catching up, following the historically agreed upon format.; Complain about work, talk about technology and gadgets, talk about music, talk about how there's no good music being made anymore.

After twenty minutes of this we both realized that we had been sitting there the entire time completely uninterrupted.  No menus were dropped off, no drink orders were taken, no "I'll be with you in a minute, hun" had been muttered.  Taking another look around the restaurant, it was still only half full, and dishes still covered the tables that were empty.  At that point, Jay and I decided to head out and see what our other breakfast options were nearby.  It turns out the breakfast options in thea area were somewhat limited;  Fortunately, we found the  Bread Basket Family Baker, which had some freshly baked raspberry, peach and cream cheese scones waiting for us.  We didn't get a chance to try the cinnamon rolls, which had just been put in the oven, but rumor has it that they're a must-have if you're in the area.

Cafe Creekside in Gahanna may well be the only true breakfast option in the Creekside district, but it also seems that they've let this fact translate into poor customer service.  If you're in the area looking or breakfast, I would recommend just heading up to Easton;  You may not find many local options, but at least you'll find some service.

Cafe Creekside
53 Granville Street
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
(614) 337-1819